Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Trip to Utah...

Pretty much every weekend for the last two months we have been out of town (by out of town I mean Utah). Although I love going to Utah and seeing everybody, it has gotten pretty old driving back and forth all the time! I feel like we have been living out of our luggage. We get home, I do the laundry and throw everything back in the bags! But this wast the last trip for a while, and a good one because we got to see our newest nephew/cousin, Carson. Ryan and Rebecca had their first little baby boy...adding to the number of grandson's... making it boys-5 and girls-0! He is way cute and we had a fun time hanging out with the Casper family all weekend.
Easton & Baby Carson

Right when we got there we did some fireworks for Pioneer Day with Papa Larry & Grammy

Ty has started to sit up really well

Ace and Ryan took Easton swimming

Here is Ryan teaching Easton how to spit water at people... Thanks again Uncle Ry!

Even though my mom and Lauren were in Cali, we stopped by to say hi to the cousins on our way home
(Jessica, way to be on soothing the child)
So we are back in the hot weather of Vegas and maybe now I can get back into a regular routine, and unpack for, at least for a little while.

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Brianne said...

whenever you guys are up here next time let us know and we should hang out!! I love how easton is kissing carson!! That's fun! It's fun to see all of your pics lisa! I saw this dude the other day that reminded me of made me miss you guys!!