Wednesday, July 8, 2009

See You in ONE Year Elder!

Elder Williams was set apart, again, as a missionary for The Church tonight! He leaves tomorrow to Provo for a bit while he finishes up some of his treatments, and once he is done he will be called somewhere else. But even though he is close, we won't be able to see him again :(

It came kind of as a shocker that he was leaving so quickly, and we are sad that we aren't up there to give a proper goodbye. We are glad we got to spend some time with him, and that he got to meet Ty and bond with Easton through incessant teasing! And we are so happy that he gets to get back to work!

Anyway Elder, Easton wanted to make you a video to tell you goodbye so I thought I would post it for you to see before you leave...

This first one, he got real upset that he couldn't see you...

There is also of video of Ty in the "Recent Videos" of the right column -->

Bye Elder Jesse Hart!! We are so happy you are getting better, and we are going to miss you a ton! See you in one year! We Love You!

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