Monday, July 13, 2009

Remembering the Subie

On Friday we said goodbye to the first car Ace and I ever had together... our little Subaru. To be honest, I was pretty glad to be rid of it. It has been having problems for a long time, and we were both sick of dealing with it. It was a good car though, we had it through our college years and with Easton.
I wanted to share the background about how we got this car because it was quite a big deal to Ace us...

When I first met Ace, he drove this...

This was his pride and joy! He loved this car. We were in Rexburg, Idaho where they don't believe in plowing the roads when it snows, and he loved being able to drive up and over the snow banks without a problem. Plus, he thought he was "hot stuff" driving all over campus!

But after he proposed to me, he told me he was thinking about selling the jeep and getting something cheaper in gas and a better "family car". I was really shocked that he had even thought about giving it up. I told him that it would probably be a good idea to get something a little cheaper, but said it was up to him since it was his car to begin with (secretly I really didn't care for it much). Over the next month or two, everyday was a different decision, one day he was set on selling it, and then the next he would say he was just going to keep it.

After much debate, Ace finally put it up for sell, and some lucky little teenager got it... Then we bought our little Subi which may be, aside from a mini van, the most popular Mormon family car!

The best part of the story was that when I told friends that he had sold his beloved jeep, no one could believe it. One in particular stands out in my mind. She knew Ace really well and when I told her, her jaw dropped open and she literally gasped and then said, "WHAT?! Wow! Well, there's the proof, Ace REALLY loves you! I would have bet my life that he would NEVER sell that car for anything! That's amazing!"

So, the decision to buy the Subie was a good one, and has probably saved us a ton of money, but every now and then Ace will talk about his Jeep and there will be a little sparkle in his eye as he remembers what life was like back then!

So thanks to Ace for sacrificing your favorite car for our family, and thanks to the Subie for being low to the ground making it easier for me to get in and out while pregnant.


Lindsey said...

Ah memories- when Corey and I first got married he drove and really nice truck and I drove a ugly brown chevette that my Grandpa gave us. Then I got upgraded to a saturn. Gotta love the first vehicles.

Unguren said...

We got rid of my car when we moved from Utah. It seemed only fair that we get rid of Blake's Honda to buy the pilot and we have loved it every minute since.

The Howe's said...

It is so funny the things that mark time together. I remember that the Jeep, maybe someday you can get another one. :)

Melissa said...

Good times!! I bet he was popular to get a ride with back in the day in that Jeep if they never plowed the roads when it snowed! Good ol first cars!! Patrick and I just sold our first car we had together last year... I had had it for years!!! It was a good car.... but glad it's gone now! :)