Thursday, February 2, 2012


Suddenly there is a whole lot of pink in our house.  So much so, that Ty is convinced that Ellie’s name is not Ellie…it’s Pink.  He refuses to call her anything else.  So, Ty has officially given Ellie her first nickname—Pink.

Easton can’t seem to refrain from calling her “it”.  Every time he sees her he says, “It’s so cute.  Let’s keep it!” 

Here’s just an overload of pictures from the last week…079060093118135137Jesse and Lauren were real concerned about their germs.


She looks a lot like her brothers, but she surprised us with her dark brown hair.  She is sleeping really good.  She eats good, as long as it’s from a bottle…for some reason since day one, she has refused to nurse…it’s the only thing that makes her mad.  We are working on that…  When she is mad, the sure fire way to calm her down is lifting her in the air up and down…it works every time.  My official due date isn’t until Feb 6th, and I am so glad to not still be pregnant.  She is so sweet, and we just can’t get enough of her!


Neil and Lara said...

She is beautiful! Love all the pics! P.S. we have the same bouncer! :)

Blauers said...

"it" is so beautiful!! Congrats on your new baby!!

Kaytie said...

She is adorable, please let me know if you need anything!!

Unguren said...

I am sure it is quite a change to have a girl around. Having her birthday as Feb. 6 wouldn't have been so bad. Then we could have shared a birthday. I am willing to share.