Monday, February 13, 2012

Easton is 6!

I have a six year old.  I feel like I just keep getting more and more shocked every year, and time just keeps going faster and faster. 

Easton, on the other hand, is thrilled to be six.  Since we knew Ellie was going to be born so close to both the boys birthdays, we opted against any big parties.  Right before Ellie was born, we let Easton and Ty decide what they wanted to do to celebrate…they ultimately decided on a trip to the dinosaur museum.  We went on a weeknight, and we were literally the only people there.  So great.001005006010012017020021030042044046

Then on Easton’s actual birthday, we had a little family gathering with presents and cake.   This year Easton asked for a spider-man cake.  Again, I had plans to make an awesome spider-man cake, but again my laziness got the better of me so I resorted to spider-web cupcakes.  Easton is pretty much a spider-web drawing pro, so he was happy to help me out.005011He is so proud.013Ty had to help out too.015Our final product.

023We had some trick candles that turned out to be not so tricky.029Opened presents031Ty was real interested in all the opening of presents, and somehow managed to get his cute large head in most of the pictures035041047

Easton raked it in with all his gifts and had an overall great day! Happy Birthday Eastie Beastie!

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