Thursday, February 23, 2012

Different Definitions of “Clean”

This is a conversation I had with the boys at dinner yesterday that basically sums up the differences in their personalities perfectly…

I told the boys that if they ate their dinner they could have some dessert.  Ty finished his dinner and asked for some cake.  I said yes.  He handed me his dinner plate and said, “But I need a new plate, because this one is all dirty.”

Easton then pipes in and says, “Ty, you don’t need a new plate, just lick your plate like this (he begins licking his plate), and then it is all clean again.”

Ty said, “No, Eastie.  That’s gross.”

Let me just point out that my 3 year old is teaching my 6 year old about cleanliness and manners…pretty sure that should be flipped around.Casper_50

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