Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ba-da Da-da Daaaa! (that’s a drumroll)

Introducing….055Ellie Jayne Casper

Born January 24, 2012 at 2:59am

7lbs. 13oz. and 20 inches long063068096113120132


Ellie Jayne’s Birth Story

Monday at midnight, I started having minor contractions 2-3 minutes apart.  We headed to the hospital.  I was only dilated to a 2 & 75% effaced, so we walked around a bit and changed to a 3, but my contractions slowed after that so the nurses sent me home, but was confident that I would be back later that day. 

3:30pm on Monday, I had a regular checkup with my dr. I was now a 4 and she said if I could get some good contractions going to go to the hospital and she would break my water.  Awesome.

Ace and I went over to a Wal-Mart close by and did some laps hoping to jump start some contractions.  No Luck.  We headed home, and I took a nap.  Around 8:30pm my contractions were back and we were on our way back to the hospital.  As luck would have it, I got a nurse who was just a real beast.  She told me I was still dilated to a 4 and that my cervix was way too high, and I wasn’t in labor.  (I tried to explain that I have been told this on both my other pregnancies and my cervix moves down fast, and my labors are fast after that…she didn’t listen) Even though my contractions were hurting and were 2-3 minutes apart.  She said I wasn’t having this baby for another week.  I found out later that she lied to my dr. and told her my contractions were irregular and 10-12 minutes apart.

She wanted to give me a shot of morphine and send me home.  I thought getting a shot of morphine seemed ridiculous, so I said no to the morphine, but since she told me I wasn’t in active labor, we headed home (again). The drive from the hospital to home is a good 30 min drive.  On the drive home, the contractions started to really hurt.  I convinced myself that I just needed to go to bed and relax.

I tried to sleep, but the contractions almost instantly became unbearable.  Ace said we are going back right now.  I hated the idea of getting sent home again (I mean, really, it’s my third kid…I should know when I am in labor right?), but at this point I knew the feeling of the contractions I was having…it was the kind where, during my other deliveries, I am requesting the epidural.

I couldn’t get up off of my hands and knees.  Ace and my mom got me into the car, and we were off to the hospital…again.  But this time, I thought it was very likely she was going to be born in the car.  It was snowing, the roads were wet, and Ace was going as fast as he could, going straight through red lights and everything. 

We got to the hospital in record time.  The dumb nurse was there, and as I am hanging on Ace barely able to stand, she had the nerve to say, “Well, let’s see if it’s the real thing this time.”  I wanted to slug her, but then my water broke (or more like exploded) all over her floor and I was satisfied with the fact that she would have to clean it up.  She checked me, and I was dilated to an 8 and completely effaced.  And guess what…the cervix was low and the head was right there…weird. 

My favorite person came in, the anesthesiologist.  He said I was going to deliver before an epidural would take affect so he gave me a partial spinal tap or something (I didn’t really care at this point) and it worked almost immediately. Yay.  My Dr. came in, apologized for the idiot nurse, and then I pushed a couple times and out she came.  So, we arrived at the hospital at 2:20am and Ellie was born at 2:59am.

I am happy we made it, and that I got an epidural.  She is perfect, and healthy, and we love her tons!067064065


Neil and Lara said...

Ok so I would have that nurse written up. Especially for lying to your Dr. !!! Ahhh I hate it when nurses think they know more than the Mom who is in labor! I am glad she is here, safe, and healthy.

Kati said...

Congrats, she's a cutie! We had a nurse that was mean when we had Jantzen and Josh got into with her and did have her written up. I, personally, would have slugged her and blamed it on the hormones! I'm glad you made to the hospital in time. Enjoy having a little girl. They are fun, moody and dramatic, but fun!

Lindsey said...

I am so glad she is here safe and sound dispite the drama, that's not do fun.she is pretty cute and fits right in. What's with the dark hair, that's new for you?!

Brianne said...

Yay for you guys!! She is a darling little baby girl! She looks like a casper for sure!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with a lame nurse. I would've slugged her too! jk! I love hearing birth stories. Easton looks so happy to have a baby sister too!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Miss you guys tons! Take it easy and snuggle that baby lots. Hogan is already 14 months and he is a big daddy's boy. I miss snuggling a baby!

Melissa said...

She is dang cute!! Definitely looks like her brothers a bit, huh?? So glad she is here! Have fun with a sweet little girl!!! Looks like her big brothers are pretty happy with her too!

Unguren said...

Totally looks like her brothers. I think Ellie is such a cute name. Congrats! Glad it all turned out ok, even with that crabby nurse.

Courtney Alldredge said...

What the heck!! Some nurses are so dumb! I know from personal experience... anyways she is beautiful, I can't wait to meet her and it is a good thing to be drowning in PINK!! Glad you are doing well and I hope she is getting pampered by her brothers and spoiled by her daddy! Love you Lisa!