Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ty is 3!

I’m sitting here 37 weeks pregnant wondering how it’s possible that 9 months of being pregnant seems to drag on and on, and yet once the child is out, times just fly’s by.  It feels like I just had Ty, but here he is, three years old.  Unbelievable.
We did a low key birthday this year.  Basically because I am lazy, and with the baby coming and Easton’s birthday I just was not really in any kind of mood to do a party.  Family came, we opened presents, and ate food…really does it get better than that? 
Ty’s day started with a cinnamon roll breakfast.  He was happy.027028
I had plans on making a real cute Blues Clues cake, but going back to the lazy factor, I did cupcake toppers instead.031Present Time!035040042049
053He blew out his candles like a pro!054
Some things about Ty at 3
-He is still a mommy’s boy through and through.  He comes up to me all the time, gives me a hug and says, “Mommy, I am your cuddle bug.”
-He says words super cute.  He pronounces his ‘S’ with a ‘CH’ sound.  He said this to me the other day.  “Don’t chep in the chow, ‘cause you will get all chowy.”  (Translation: Don’t step in the snow, because you will get all snowy)
-He can basically manipulate anyone to get what he wants.  There is something about him that people just can’t say no to…and he knows it.
-He loves being in the kitchen.  Cooking or doing the dishes are his favorite things.
-He has an insane ability to find hidden treats or candy and devour before being caught.
-He still loves his ‘beebees” (blankets)
-He has zero interest in using the potty…in fact he prefers to stay as far away as possible.
-When they aren’t fighting, Ty loves to try and do everything Easton does.
-Ty is very sensitive.  His feelings get hurt easily, and he bursts into tears.
-Ty was telling Ace all the things he loves the other day.  It went like this: “I wuv Mommy.  I wuv Gamma Leelee. And I wuv candy.”  Ace asked if there was anything else, and he said, “Oh, and I wuv pizza.”
So there you go.
Happy birthday Ty!  We Love You!

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