Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Vs. A Pile of Wet

The other day, we were getting ready to go somewhere.  We were all out front getting in the car, but the sprinklers were on, and this obviously distracted Easton.  Easton began running and splashing in the puddles on the driveway.  Ace, not wanting Easton to get soaking wet right before we left, had this conversation with Easton:

Ace:  Easton, get out of the water please.

Easton:  {No Answer- continues to splash}

Ace:  Easton, come on.  Stop jumping in the water.

Easton: {Again, no answer- continues to splash}

Ace: I mean it, Easton.  Get out of the water, right now.

Easton:  But Daddy, this isn't's just a pile of wet.

Ace:  Well then, stop jumping in the pile of wet, please.

Easton:  Oh, ok.  I'll stop.

I'm still not sure what determines a "pile of wet" vs "water" , but Easton seems to know.

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