Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Summertime Events

This summer has already been so busy, I'm now trying to play catch up, blogging about all we've done.  So here comes some collages full of pictures of all the fun things we've been up to.  
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First up, we had the annual family reunion.  It was great to see everyone, and the kids had a blast as always.

Then, my Aunt Allie came into town, so we loaded up all the kids, and headed to Seven Peaks.  I hadn't been there since I was in high school.  It's still crowded as ever and loads of fun.  The kids slept real great that night.

And then it was my birthday!  Ace came home early from lunch and brought home a delicious lunch, we went to dinner with my parents, and came home for some cold stone cake.  Yum.  Ace and all of my family pitched in and surprised me with this:
I have been dreaming of this machine for EVER.  I'm pretty stinkin' excited.

We went to the Lehi Parade.  Easton left the parade with a purse full of parade swag.  It was hot, but the LDS Stake Presidents made an appearance, so it was well worth the heat.

And last, but not least we went to an Owl's Baseball Game with my mom and her co-workers.  They gave us free food, a free game, and a fireworks show afterwards.  A great night.  
Although, because of the awning we were sitting under, it kind of made it a half firework show...

So that's a sum up of what we've been doing these past few weeks.  It's been fun, busy, and just great.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the blogging for the rest of the summer.

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