Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riddle Me This...

I sent this picture to all of our family. 
Some got it.  Some took a little while.  Some had no stinkin clue.

And so, just in case it doesn't make any sense...
Baby number three will be here right around February 6th!  
(Let me just point out, Easton's B-day is Feb 5th and Ty's B-day is Jan 10th...all three will be nearly exactly three years apart)

We are super excited, and can't wait to meet this little one!

This pregnancy has been a little bit different than my other two, though.  About three weeks ago,  around midnight (of course), I started bleeding... a lot.  I know that this is a pretty common thing to happen, but it has never happened to me.  Needless to say, I was in a major panic.  We went to the emergency room, and waited, and waited, basically thinking the worst.  
They finally took us in for an ultrasound.
And we saw a very healthy heart beating. (sigh of relief)
The babe was moving, jumping, and flipping like nothing was wrong.  Nobody in the ER really could tell us what was going on, but the baby was fine, and that's all we cared about.  They put me on bed rest until I saw my Dr.  Let me say how fun that is with two boys.  Ace was great.  He took work off for a couple days to help.  He cooked, cleaned, and served me anything I needed.  

The next week I went into my Dr.  And we had another ultrasound done.  
The baby was just fine.  
But then my Dr. pointed out a small problem.  I have a low-lying placenta, or Placenta Previa.  Basically, the placenta is in the wrong spot...too low in the uterus.  It can cause a serious amount of bleeding, and generally leads to a C-Section.  My Dr. said it is very possible for the placenta to move to where it is supposed to be, but for now, I am supposed to take it easy, (not total bed rest, which is good news).  

We are just so happy that the baby is okay, and grateful that we know what the problem is.  

P.S:  If anybody has ever had this before, I would love to hear what happened and maybe a little of what to expect.   


Lindsey said...

That's such a fun way to announce. Although at first glance I though it said "I'm pro". Congrats, that is going to be so fun. I think Savannah has that problem too, maybe she could help you out.

Kati said...

Congrats! I thought the same thing that Lindsey did at creative! And yeah, Savannah had that same problem with this last baby she had, so you should chat with her about it. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Here's hoping for a girl?!?!

Unguren said...

My first thought was Pr-waffle. Not my brightest moment mind you.

congrats on the baby. If you have it on the 6th that is my birthday, a good day to be born.

Blauers said...

I had placenta previa at the beginning of this pregnancy I'm in now, and it went away. Especially early in pregnancy it most likely goes away as the uterus grows so big. The placenta is now on top. It happened to my sister in-law as well around beginning to middle of her pregnancy and it went away too. When I did research on the internet it said it goes away like 90 percent of the time when it's detected early in pregnancy. Good luck and congrats!!!

Alissa said...

I thought "I'm Pro" too. Ha. Congratulations on having being prego. That would have been so scary. I hope that the placenta previa fixes its self- pregnancy is hard enough without complications. GOOD LUCK!!!

Courtney Alldredge said...

Hooray for baby 3! Those two boys need a sister!! No, I am so excited to hear that you are expecting and nervous that something is wrong, but hopefully all will be ok soon. Do they say you will be full term or are they nervous about baby coming early? You take it easy and just keep letting Adam do the hard stuff! Congrats girly, love ya!