Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Sloan's Came Home

My Uncle Tim and his family came home from being Mission President in Equador.  They've been gone for three years, and got home on Saturday night.  This story kind of goes wrong and mostly gross at this point, but I'll try to keep the details to a minimum.  

First, we were planning on going up to the cabin with Ace's family all day Saturday, but Friday night, Ty started throwing up.  Nice.  He threw up three times that night.  So in the morning, Ace took Easton up to the cabin for the day, and I stayed home with poor little Ty.  Ace got home that night, and stayed home with the boys so I could go to the airport to welcome home Cindy and Tim late that night.  We made it to the airport in the nick of time...

(we may or may not have borrowed this sign from a well prepared family nearby)
The whole family (minus Jessica who is currently loving life in Jerusalem)

I'll caution you, this is where things get bad.  I was given the duty of driving the girls home.  Lauren, Lexi, Steph, and Nat.  By the time we got to the car, I wasn't feeling so hot.  I thought I could just make it home and go to bed, but then, we got stuck in major traffic.  I couldn't hold it in any longer, hung my head out the window, and well, yes, I threw up while driving on the freeway.  Perfect.  Plus, I had 4 teenage girls freaking out in the back.  I eventually made it home, and crawled into bed.  An hour later, we woke up to Easton screaming, Ace ran in his room and, yep, you guessed it, Easton was now sick.  The rest of the night continued with every half hour either Easton or I hanging over the toilet.  Not a real great night.

The reason I shared this nasty story was because the next day my family was having a welcome home dinner fest, and we didn't get to go because of this awfulness.  I was super bummed.  My mom took my camera to document the event.
The sisters are together again.
The girl cousins
The boy cousins
Apparently, the food was just too good for Jason to pull away for a picture
Cindy and Tim meeting Chase (Jessica's boyfriend) for the first time.  What a great shot.

It looks like everyone had a great time.  Wish we could've been there, but really just happy that we are all feeling much better, and we didn't get anyone else sick.

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Unguren said...

We all got the flu at our house and it was horrible. Blake and I were both sick and so were Gavin and Laney all at the same time. Ick! Glad you are feeling better.