Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and slightly miraculous. I say miraculous because we had everyone at our house, and anyone that has set foot in my home knows it is not the biggest...1200 square feet to be exact, and here is the list of people that were in my house at the same time:
1. Ace
2. Me
3. Easton
4. Ty
5. Grandma Leelee (my mom)
6. Papa Cory (my dad)
7. Jesse (my brother)
8. Lauren (my sister
9. Grammy Raylene (Ace's mom)
10. Papa Larry (Ace's dad)
11. Brad (Ace's brother)
I have a new found respect for people living in a one room home with more family members than this...don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun with everyone that came and we got to spend more time with everyone that would have normally been divided up between families, but holy cow that was a lot of people!

I didn't get a chance to take a whole lot of pictures mostly because I was fairly delusional from the crazy amount of shopping we did (on Black Friday we went from midnight to 8:30 in the morning). But I did get a picture of Raylene's jam packed car on their way home proof of the shopping...

Larry Raylene and Brad saying goodbye to the boys...

Lauren and Ty

Easton and Grandma Leelee

And this one of Jesse and Ty, I am pretty sure is my all time favorite picture ever. Right as I took this Ty was, uh, filling up his diaper and, obviously, Uncle Jesse became concerned, but just take a look at Ty's happy face--he is truly enjoying himself!

Easton gave everyone a concert of all the songs he is just a short video of one of the songs he sang...

It was a super fun week with everyone and I am so glad everybody came...I just hope next time we do this my home is just slightly bigger so we don't have anyone sleeping in the garage (Brad) !


Brianne said...

holy moly!!! did everyone sleep at your house lisa?!?! I am laughing so hard that brad slept in the garage!! I love that rayleen's car is jam packed full of bags. Your family is hilarious!! i'm so glad you had a fun thanksgiving!

Courtney Alldredge said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I can't believe you had such a big Thanksgiving, how fun! I hope they helped you cook dinner!! You are nuts... 12- 8:30... I thought I was nuts getting up at 4 but I am glad to have got all the great deals I did. Looks like you had a great time!