Monday, November 23, 2009

I Hate Running...

I really do. I have never found it relaxing or something I have ever had the desire to do. And yet, for some reason, my friend, Erin (who also hates running) and I got it in our heads that we should do a 10k (6.2 miles people). I am pretty sure the only times I have run for anything was the 1 mile requirement in High School P.E! So all you people who are addicted to running and have to do it everyday and love every minute of it...I don't understand you.
Anyway, we have been working out together for a while, and then signed ourselves up for the race. After we signed up I was a nervous wreck, I had about 17 different scenarios of how the whole thing could go wrong (coming in last, vomiting, vomiting on someone, etc) and I had nightmares about it. Before the race, I never actually got up to 6 miles on my own. I did 5 one day and I was ready to die...literally crawled off the treadmill...nice.
Well, Saturday was the big day... lets all just take note of the background of this first picture...yes it is still dark outside. We got up at 4:30 in the AM--so we are freezing, the wind is blowing, it is dark, and now I am supposed to run!
This next one is about a mile into the race, the sun is up and we are feeling good!
Five miles into the race...still going strong...
Strong enough even to pose for the camera.
And the finish line! I came 192nd out of something like 300 people Boomshakalaka!
My time was 1:14:47
Here comes Erin, right behind me. Her time was 1:16:50
And now for a bit of a shocker...I actually, sort of, maybe a little bit, kind of liked it a little. I felt good the whole time, never felt out of breath. I went slow...real slow....but I felt good! I think I may run some more...And for running that 10k I was given a gift, a gift that I hesitate even showing a picture of for fear of being's that spectacular...

Yes this beautiful sweatshirt is what I earned and now you all are coveting.
Soak it in, soak it all in.

Now here is the real shocker...I paid $28 to run. I paid money to run. What!?


Laura Howe said...

LOL. You are right I am totally jealous of your sweatshirt! Good work on the run. I would have to say no thank you to a 10k. but everyone that actually does it, says they like it so maybe someday. Or maybe not! :)

Unguren said...

Well done on the run! I hate running too so I feel your pain.

$28 is totally a reasonable price for such a fine piece of clothing!

Melissa said...

I absolutely HATE running too. I'm super impressed that you did it. Way to go!!! And yes, I am coveting that awesome sweatshirt!! :)

The Olson Family said...

You inspire me to do a 10K. I have only done a 5K. Great Job.
Cousin Carma

Lindsey said...

What??!!! I know that could not be true. Remeber you are only supposed to run if are being chased down!!!

Crazy- I think I will have to come after that sweatshirt. You should wear it all the time- really.

Jami Heward said...

Thats totally awesome Lisa! Good job! Keep it up! running is a learned love, thats how I look at it. haha!