Monday, November 16, 2009

Fish Anyone?

Easton has been having a problem taking too long to wash his hands after eating or going to the bathroom...he gets a bit distracted and starts to play in the water. So the other day, after he had spent a good amount of time playing in the water, I thought I would try and be a little I said,
"Easton, you can't keep the water on that long because you are taking all of the fishys water, and if you take all of their water they aren't going to be able to swim anymore."

After I said this Easton's face changed and I watched him try and think through this statement. He didn't say anything for about 30 seconds to a minute...he just kept thinking about it. At this point, I am thinking what a good job I have done and that he totally gets it...well, I was proud until Easton responded...

Easton said, "All of the fishys will run out of water...and then I will eat them."



Lara said...

This is too funny! We try right?

Laura Howe said...

LOL! So funny!