Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Open Wide and Say "Ahhh"

Here is Ty's most recent favorite face to make...he literally opens his mouth as big as it can possibly go and says "ahhh" and then proceeds to laugh hysterically.

And here is a little "Ty Medical News"...

Ty has had clogged tear ducts in both of his eyes since he was born. It isn't a health concern really, just annoying and gross. It irritates his eyes and makes his face all red. Easton had it too, but his just went away after a couple of weeks.

They told us that if they hadn't gone away by the time he was 10 months they would probe his's a small simple surgery, and only lasts about 5 minutes, but it does require anesthesia, which I don't enjoy. (especially since he had his MRI when he was 4 months and had to be sedated for that as well) Just not a fun thing.

Anyway, they told us that 95% of the time the probing works and it's all better after that. So we had his eyes probed about 2 weeks ago and guess what...
Ty is one of the lucky 5% of babies that the probing didn't work on!

So that means another more invasive surgery... it takes about an hour to do and they basically stick small tubes down his tear ducts to open them up. The tubes have to stay in for 6 months to a year and then they remove them with the hope that that will keep them open. While we were talking with the Dr. he said that a lot of the time while he is trying to put the tubes in they don't work because of the bone structure and other problems which then means that he will make an incision on the side of his nose and go in that way.

So tomorrow I have to take Ty in to get blood work done and a physical and then we have his surgery scheduled for the 27th of Dec.

I don't like Dr. stuff/ blood stuff etc... at all. (I passed out when my dad pulled my tooth out) but I hate it even more having to watch little Ty go through so much of it. I am so grateful that he is healthy and happy. And I know there are so many more worse things that it could be, but it still is not fun at all.

This will be the third time he will be sedated and we haven't even made it to his first birthday! He has definitely been quite a pricey baby, here's what has happened so far...
-I got pregnant with him withOUT insurance...that was fun
(epidurals are expensive, but sooo worth it)
-He had his eye nystagmus which meant eye specialist and later an MRI
-Clogged tear ducts required another eye specialist and many visits
-Probe surgery
-Plastic surgeon after the probe didn't work and now this new surgery

We think it has to do with the fact that Easton was free because we were on financial aid, so now we get to pay double, maybe triple for Ty! But don't worry, we have met his deductible (thus the surgery date being the 27th of Dec)!

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and I will keep everyone updated...I just hope this surgery works :)


Lara said...

Lisa, I hope everything goes well. How lame that the first surgery didn't work. I totally understand about paying a bunch for your second baby. Dallin was like $400 bucks and Rylee...well she was WAY beyond that. I hope everything tuns out ok and let me know if you need anything!

Courtney Alldredge said...

Oh I am so sorry... no baby should have to have surgery it just isn't right. What are the chances that your last surgery wouldn't work.. poor guy. We will be praying that all goes well this next time and I am so sorry you have to watch your little guy go through this. Love ya...

Unguren said...

That little face is so cute.

Hope the surgery goes well.