Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you know what a Roller Coaster Face Looks Like?

This is a picture of a page in a book called, "Roller Coaster".
This is a picture of Easton impersonating one of the people on the roller coaster...can you tell which one?
Hint: Easton hasn't yet mastered the art of winking an eye so covering it with his hand is his solution

He told me one day that this is the face people make on a roller coaster. I thought it was strange, but Easton does a lot of weird things so I said, "Yeah, maybe sometimes." Then a few days later we were reading the book and Easton kept doing that face. When we got to this page he pointed him out, "See mommy See!"

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Unguren said...

That is so funny. If it were my kid I would have been like "What are you talking about?!"