Thursday, October 27, 2011

She’s Still A Girl

I keep having dreams that this baby is actually a boy.  And then I have to return all the girl things that I’ve bought.  It has me a little paranoid to buy girl things, and the things I have gotten, I have yet to take the tags off and wash them.  I know, it’s completely ridiculous.  

I had another ultrasound to make sure everything was still okay.  It’s all looking good.  So, I asked the technician to double check. She said “definitely” a girl. 

Here’s a couple profile shots of our cute girl…

Baby girl profile

Baby girl pucker lips

I am really excited about having a girl.  My crazy pregnancy dreams just keep making me nervous that I’m planning for the wrong gender!

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Unguren said...

Whenever I have been pregnant I always have dreams that my teeth are falling out. Freaks me out every time. So, I guess I would take the pregnancy dreams with a grain of salt.