Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Stuff

We’ve had a few fun things happen at school.  First, Easton won lunch with the principal…this happened when I signed up for something (I feel like I am signing up for something every dang day).  They gave your kids tickets to play a bean bag toss game.  I got two tickets, and gave them Easton to play the game.  The first toss he made it in the hole to get a piece of candy.  So now of course Ty, wanted to get a piece of candy.  I told Easton to throw the bean bag to the same spot to get a candy for Ty.  But apparently, he wanted to test his skills and went for the hardest one, and made it!  This won him lunch with the principal. And I still had no candy for Ty…not good. 

Since Easton doesn’t get to have lunch at the school considering he is only in Kindergarten, this was kind of a big deal.  So, he went a bit early that day and had lunch in the cafeteria with the principal (whom Easton now calls “The Lunchable” instead of the principal).  We packed him a special lunch, and the best part was he got to officially use his Batman lunchbox.  Best. Day. Ever.


Next was the school carnival.  The boys got their faces painted…

014Easton was a bit concerned by the whole thing.

027But it quickly turned into pure happiness.

017Ty was completely freaked out.020It took him a while to get over it.025But after he had a tear stained/batman face, he decided he was ok with it.


We went on the train ride…028And Ty got his mojo back.

031Mostly.030Yay for Carnival Day! 

No clue what Ace is doing, by the way.

And Last, but definitely not least.  It was school picture day.

1032_4511052_8I just love the forced smile, showing no teeth, hillbilly look he was going for here.  But, I have to say he’s still pretty darn cute.

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