Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

We had a weekend full of Halloween fun this year.  A trunk or treat, a ward carnival, a school party, and we finished it all off with good old fashioned trick or treating. 
I’ve said it before, but thinking of a pregnant costume is tough for me.  Especially when trying to do a family theme.  Ace wasn’t too thrilled about my idea this year.  He doesn’t like the movie very much, but he was a super good sport and went along with it (and pretty sure he secretly enjoyed it).  Especially when I reminded him that he wouldn’t have to hot glue pretend ears to his head.063
Here’s the line up: Ace is Willy Wonka.  I am Violet, in the process of blowing up into a blueberry (incredibly fitting, if I do say so myself). Easton and Ty are the official Oompa Loompas.
First off, we headed to the Trunk or Treat at Raylene and Larry’s ward.  Just the kids dressed up for this one.030Brothers and their boys.
Then we headed inside for some games…039Carson as a cute little monkey trying for a hole in one.
042Easton had the girls cheering for him.
044Ty was just happy to be there.
Saturday was our ward party, we all dressed up for this one.  Even Grandma Leelee got in on the action using my Princess Peach costume from last year.065
070More games072More treats.075Happiness.
We won first prize for the costumes at the ward party, and we were awarded Gummy Pirate Teeth Candy...are you jealous?  You should be.

Monday afternoon was Easton’s school party.082
086They sang us some songs.  Easton looks thrilled.090Easton and Mrs. Story --They almost got blown over by a crazy wind burst--093
And then we were off to go trick or treating …back into costume one last time.118028117
122It’s hard to see in the photo, but I think Ty’s favorite part was getting to run down driveways over and over.  He’d say “Weeeeee” everytime.
Best house of the night?128Probably the one with a giant movie projector playing “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in their driveway.
It was a fun, fun year.  Easton and Ty both thought being Oompa Loompas was pretty cool.  Ty never wanted to take it off.  He’d say, “No. I don’t want to.  I want to stay a Loompa Loompa forever.” 


Unguren said...

Those costumes are awesome. I love them. Seriously. Love them.

Lindsey said...

Such a fun idea- you always do such a good job on costumes. I would have never thought of that, but amazing.