Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ultrasound Says…

I want to say first, that everything they saw on the ultrasound looked normal.  The placenta has moved out of the way, so they are just going to keep an eye on it, which is just the best news.  They didn’t get good images of the lip and spine, so I am going to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks to double check those things.
Now for a walk down memory lane…
I remember growing up, playing ‘house’, and dreaming about having a bunch of little girls…picturing boys as my children wasn’t even a thought process for me because boys were, well, gross.  And probably because the only little boy in my life was my little brother who (AT THE TIME) was my one, true enemy.
When I first got pregnant with Easton, I realized my thoughts had changed.  That I was thrilled about the idea of having a boy just as much as I was excited about having a girl.  
With Ty, I do remember thinking it would be nice to have a girl just so that we had “one of each”.  But I also thought how much fun two boys would have together…plus it would be ten times cheaper.  When we found out Ty was a boy, we were so excited.
I thought for sure by the time I was having my third, that I would be desperate for a little girl.  But that never really came.  I kept watching Easton and Ty playing together, and I was completely content with the idea of having another boy.  I mean, I just love boys!  Of course, Ace and I loved the idea of having a girl too, but I think we were both assuming it was a boy, and we were super excited about it.  Almost from the beginning, I guess out of habit, I was calling this baby a “he'”.  Easton and Ty both non-waveringly said it was a boy… Easton mostly because he is currently obsessed with patterns, and the pattern he really wanted was, “boy-boy-boy-girl-girl-girl-boy-boy-boy-girl-girl-girl”  No matter how many times I tried to explain that pattern would never happen just for the mere fact that there will NEVER be that many children, but still, he was sure that it was a boy. 
As the ultrasound was getting started, the tech was asking about my other kids.  I said, “We have two boys.” and she said, “Let’s hope this one is a girl.” (a comment I have heard a whole lot these days) I said, “Actually, we are really going to be happy if it’s a boy too.  I’m thinking it’s probably a boy.”
As soon as I said that, she stuck that thing on my belly and she immediately said,
“Oh!! Nope. It’s a girl!”baby #3 girl
Both Ace and I said, “What?!  Are you sure?” She said, “I’m so sure.  That was the easiest gender telling I’ve ever done.”
It was as if this poor little girl was so sick and tired of hearing me say “boy” she wasted no time letting us know, she was no boy!
I was so shocked.  I still don’t know if it has sunk in all the way.  I went to the store with my mom (who, by the way, has wasted no time in purchasing a whole slew of pink), as soon as I was in the baby section I went immediately to the boy section…it took me a good 10-15 seconds before I realized I was in the wrong section!   baby #3 profile
baby #3 arm
baby #3 foot
We are so excited to meet this little baby girl!  And more excited that she is growing and that everything is looking good.


Kati said...

Yay for a girl! I love that I have my boys older than their sister, they are so protective of her. You're going to love having a girl because they are so much fun to dress. On the other hand, they are a lot more emotional and moody...so good luck with that part!

Unguren said...

That is so exciting! I bet you are shocked. It is gonna be so fun...and so foreign all at the same time.

Mark Anna Kaizer & Ryker said...

Awesome...so happy for you guys! You will love a little girl and it is so fun to see how different they from the get go (: good luck with eveything

Kaytie said...

How exciting, a girl. Call me anytime I would love to come over and help you with any projects you have stirring up. We need to get some little girly things in your house before she arrives. :)