Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School-2011

Easton started Kindergarten this week.  He’s been waiting and waiting for this day.  Every time going to school was brought up he’d just say, “I’m so excited!  I so excited!”  002003005011014Time to line up...Look at all those moms and dads
017Easton found his name tag and was ready to go.
020But, not without one last hug from Ty…
030When he got home, we ended the day with some cookies and milk.  It doesn’t get much better than that.
So far this week, the thing that has made Easton the most excited is the new friend he met, Tanner. 
The first day, that’s pretty much all I could get Easton to tell me about.
The second day after school, Easton got into the car and immediately said,
“My school is so cool!  I have the coolest best friend ever!”
Whoa, best friend status…that was quick.
Third day at the play ground before school, Easton came up to me concerned and told me Tanner wasn’t here.  I told him he’ll probably be here soon.  When Tanner arrived and saw Easton he said, “Hey man! Hey man!”  Easton turned to me while dramatically pointing at Tanner he yelled, “Mom!  HE’S HERE!!!”
I love that Easton has such a good friend so quick.  They are so funny to watch.  And I love that he is so excited about school.  Now I hope he comes home just as happy and excited everyday.

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