Friday, September 16, 2011

“I’m Just Ty”

Ty: “Mommy, I’m Superman!”

Me: “Hi Superman!”

Ty: “No.  I’m teasing.  I’m just Ty.”

That’s the kind of conversations I have with Ty.  And they always end in “I’m just Ty.”

Some others things about Ty at 2 1/2ish:

First, he has a way of sucking people into his sweetness.  Somehow he can get anyone to do anything for him.  People always say they can’t believe how sweet, calm, patient, etc… he is….  Here’s the thing, it’s all a big show.  He is using you to get candy!!  I watch him get his way all the time using his incredible manipulation skills.  He sucks you in, and once you’re in there is no getting out.  He has you in his clutches.010             He even managed to pull Penny in…which is no easy feat.  (She normally tries to avoid the torture that is involved being near children)

Most of the time, he really is a super cute laid-back kid.  Loves to cuddle, has a soft sweet little voice, and is always saying cute little things.  But he does have a dark side.  There is no in-between with him.  Either he is happy as can be, or the world is ENDING. 

Right now, the way he talks cracks me up.  He tries to talk just like Eason, but sometimes he can’t quite pronounce things right.  And other things he says all the time, and they make no sense whatsoever.  Some of my favorites:

“How bout a sishy piss”  {How about a fishy kiss} This is his favorite way to give a kiss (with your lips sucked in to look like a fish)  I will say that never have I heard anyone say the word “piss” and make it sound adorable.

“Pease Piss Mine Owey” {Please Kiss My Owey} I mean, come on.

“Hey you know what?  Eastie said no hitting outside.  Okay?”  There is no translation for this one.  He says this at least 3 times a day, and I really have no explanation.

"The Honey Ge-ger come on”  {The air conditioner came on}  This one took me so long to figure out what he was talking about, and again, no real explanation.  Except he is obsessed with the air conditioner unit.

Me: “I love you, Ty”  Ty: “No, I wuve you” Me: “No I love you” Ty: No, I wuve you  This game continues until he starts to cry saying, “No, Mommy I WUVE YOU!”  and I let him win.

“Let’s sing Bity Bity Bider”  {Itsy Bitsy Spider}

“Hey.  Look at me do.”  {Hey. Watch what I am doing}

Ty has a love for all things kitchen.  Especially doing the dishes.  As soon as he hears the water on he comes running in, grabs his step stool, and says, “I wanna help you do dishes.” 
It is also very rare to ever see Ty without some kind of kitchen utensil in one or both of his hands at all times.  His favorites are measuring cups, spatulas, and wooden spoons.033038

He seems to thoroughly love to make a mess with anything possible.  Ripping paper to shreds, dumping every basket/bin of toys out all at once.  He always says with a smile when he is caught, “I’m making mess.”

But his OCD comes out if the mess gets on him.  He hates to be dirty, sticky, or spilled on.  If he does get dirty, it generally ends in tears.

009A few seconds after I took this picture, he realized what he had done to himself and it was all over.

032No matter how crazy or manipulative he is, we just love our little Ty.  He really is just the funniest kid and makes us laugh everyday.

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