Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a real great Easter with family, egg hunting, and so much chocolate.  
First up, a Egg Hunt with my extended family.
The little ones were given a head start...
 But, it wasn't long before the big kids came to attack.

We finished up with some great Easter games.

Right after that, we went Easter party #2 with the Casper's 
Easton and Corbin showing off the muscles
Coloring eggs
Miraculously, the Easter Bunny found us again, and the kids were on the hunt.
All their baskets were overflowing.
But, believe it or not, Sunday morning we woke to more goodies.
Uncle Jesse showing Ty how to use his new helicopter toy...
Who looks more in awe here?

Our attempt at the family shot.  
We took a bunch, and well, Easton's face was pretty much the same in all of them.
Grandma Leelee and the boys

And now I present the
"just look over here and be happy for two seconds"
photo series
Say "CANDY!"
Getting nice
Tighter squeeze.
This can only end in tears...

And my favorite...
Happy Easter!

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Lindsey said...

My personal favorite is the "just look happy for two seconds series", we try that at our house too, never seems to work to well though. Glad you had a good Easter!!