Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Children of Destruction

Take a good look at these boys...
 Happy, healthy, innocent enough....
This picture was taken when Easton came over to me randomly and said, "Mommy, me and Ty are being nice and happy to each other, so you should take a picture."

But don't let them fool you.  These two have been on some crazy rampage lately.  Here's just some of the damage that has been documented...
This is my pillow.  Thanks to Easton for making it a little less 'blah'.

This is my other pillow.  Apparently, Ty didn't want to be left out.
(This was done on a separate day)

This is a headrest from my car.  Easton sits in the very back of our van, and somehow smuggled a pen into the car to create this masterpiece.  I have reason to believe this was done over the course of multiple car rides before he was caught.  (He is ridiculously sneaky)

And this one, this is the back of a shirt that Ace is wearing.  And if you can't tell, that would be crayon, everywhere.  How could Easton manage to color the back of Ace's shirt while he is wearing it without him noticing, you ask??  Ace sometimes has Easton scratch his back.  Generally, Easton isn't the best back scratcher...but this day, Ace kept thinking, "Wow, he's really getting good at this...." ..Well, now Ace knows better.

Ty's weakness is the pantry.  If Ty goes missing at any point during the day, he's in the pantry.  He sneaks in there, closes the door, and quietly rummages/nibbles through the good food.  (I'm guessing, very similar to a mouse)

Needless to say, all markers, pens, pencils have been hidden, very well.  (although I'm not going to lie, I have been real tempted to burn all art supplies)

But even with all that, they're still just cute.


Melissa said...

It's always so lovely when the team up to reek havoc all over!! Sometimes their cuteness is what saves my boys little lives! :)

Lindsey said...

Oh man, what sneaky little devils. I would have not been happy about the headrest, I hope it came off.

Unguren said...

That back scratching thing is so funny.

Gavin just recently colored on the back of one of our headrests. I think it is just a blank canvas just waiting to be colored on.