Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toes to Head...No Big Deal.

I've said it before. Ty is flexible.  He always has been.  But, it still sometimes completely freaks me out the way he can bend his body.  His temper tantrums nearly always end up with him throwing himself into a crazy back-bend thing that looks like he should snap in half, but miraculously, he doesn't.  He can maneuver himself in and under anything...he tends to get stuck in between the lower bars of chairs a lot.  But, my favorite move he does is the one that started it all....

Here he is then:

And here he is now:

The only thing that has changed is that his feet now reach to the top of his head--
which tends to lead to less toe-eating.
Just changing it up with a little split move.

And just because, who can resist a baby in a diaper and boots?

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Unguren said...

Canon does this funny thing were he puts his head on the ground like he is going to do a summer salt (sp?) only he is not bending his legs. He is just completely folded in half. It if freaky and fun.

Diaper and boots are a good combo. At least his toes are warm.