Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Party for 3?

Easton turned 5 on Saturday.  So crazy.  
We started the celebrations the night before with family and friends at Pizza Pie Cafe. Delish...
Easton was happy.
The whole gang.
Easton raked in the gifts
He got a DVD with all four of the old 'real' batman movies.  Uncle Jesse really wanted this one for himself, but Easton wouldn't go for that.  I can't remember how scary these ones are or if he'll even be able to watch them, but he sure was thrilled about the idea of it all.
Just one of Easton and Steven.

The next day was the main event.  Let me preface this by saying, Easton has been talking about having a Batman Birthday Party since the day after his 4th birthday party.  He wanted to have a big Batman party with all his friends there.  
This is all fine and dandy, and I was more then happy to oblige.  But then, we moved.  And his friends that he so dearly wanted to be at the party did not move with us.  Sad.  We've had a little bit of time to make some friends, but not too many.  So his plans for a Big Batman party changed to a rather petite party, but I think we still all had fun nevertheless.
Everything had to be all batman.
 I made a Batman cake. (don't mind the measles looking frosting...I used our favorite rainbow chip frosting thinking the chips wouldn't stand out so much after I colored it yellow...I was wrong.)
and I made him a new Batman cape. (NOT from a T-shirt this time)

 Once the TWO guests arrived we played a game of "Bat-a-rang the Enemies"
You like how I balanced them with old VHS cases?  That's not white trash at all.
Then, headed downstairs "to the Batcave!" to find the glow-sticks.
This is what it looked like...except dark
 Really dark. With glow-sticks.
More Presents.
Time for cake.

And what party wouldn't be complete without a little silly string fight...
Poor Ty.
 The whole group together

Happy 5th Birthday Easton Batman!

Somethings about Easton:

-First, he loves Batman
-Loves to tease his little brother
-Calls Ty "Little Buddy" all the time
-Loves to color, and he is pretty great at it
-Loves to go to school, and is learning new things everyday
-Loves to sleep's not a good day if he wakes up before 9:30
-Favorite food is Shrimp, he is not picky and is always willing to try new food
-Loves to read books
-He is the craziest kid I've ever met
-Curious about how everything works
-Loves to play in the snow and to be outside
-Loves to run
-He is the ultimate movie watcher...he would sit all day long watching shows if I let him.  He doesn't ever get up when a show is on...he goes into some kind of crazy trance


Unguren said...

Happy Birthday to Easton!

We love rainbow chip frosting at our house too.

Melissa said...

So fun!! A few years ago Brayden wanted a Batman birthday too.... I must say, your batman cake turned out WAY better then mine. I'll have to copy you should any of the other boys want a Batman birthday in the future!