Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flippety Floppety, Hippety Hoppety

We're moving. 
Does that really shock anyone at this point?

Let me just start with a little background about the situation we are in right now and go from there.  It gets just a little complicated, so I urge you to not read this if you already have a headache today, it's sure to only get worse.  
Since our move from Vegas was quick and slightly unexpected, we have been staying with my mom until we figured out where we wanted to be and what we wanted to do.  But back up about three years ago, my mom moved into my Aunt and Uncle's home to keep the house open for their kids and take care of all other house things, because they were called to be Mission President in Ecuador.  
So, really, right now we are staying with my mom... in my Aunt and Uncle's house.  The mission will be coming to a close the beginning of July.  So my mom was also trying to decide where to go next.  She really wanted to move back to Orem where she was living before, but my sister, Lauren is going to be a Senior this coming year, and doesn't want to go to a new school now.  
Ace and I haven't been sure about where exactly we want to live, and not sure if we want to buy or rent....blah blah blah.  Realizing that we needed to do something, and that we wanted a good year or two to find the perfect house (so I never have to see another moving box again), and then realizing that my mom needed at least a year in Lehi for Lauren's senior year, we came up with our really odd/weird but genius plan to rent something together and split the cost.  Giving us all the chance to save up some money and make future home decisions with less of a rush.  
We are renting a house that divides the space so that it works for two families, so that we all don't go nuts.  It's going to be, my mom and Lauren on one floor and us on the other floor.  It definitely is some weird family dynamics going on, but we've had fun so far, so we're just changing it up a little.  I am so grateful to be close to family, and that we have found a way to help each other out.  I am really excited to go somewhere and start to feel settled.  The good news is most of our stuff is still boxed up.  The bad news, we have a whole lot of stuff.

Easton is really excited to move.  I guess it's really become a normal thing for him.  He talks about it a lot.  We had this conversation today:
Easton:  "Mommy, are we moving tomorrow?"
Me: "No. But we are moving soon. In a couple weeks.  Are you excited to move?"
Easton: "Yes! I am so 'essited' to move!  Can I pick my room?"
Me: "Yeah, you can."
Easton: "Ok good.  If there is a red room, I am going to pick that one."
Me: "Oh.  Is red your favorite color now?"
Easton: "No. My favorite color is still 'Ornange', but red is just a good color for a room."

Anyone painting your rooms...keep that in mind.
Unfortunately for Easton, there is no red room in this house...not sure how to tell him.

We're moving on March 5th.  It's gonna be fun! 

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