Thursday, August 1, 2013


June was the start of Easton’s soccer.  Oh how he loves soccer.  In fact there’s not much else he talks about.  He loves it.  I keep asking him if he wants to try another sport, and he says, “All I want to do is play soccer forever.”  Okay then, soccer it
At Easton’s games, when I am taking pictures, I can’t really see the pictures I am taking because of the sunlight…but once I looked through them at home, I found that Easton does a whole lot of face-making…
The faces of a soccer player…023024025026
And my personal favorite…022And all of the family enjoys watching from the sidelines…014015088017045Easton had a great season, and still says he only wants to play soccer.

The boys also started swimming lessons... there's nothing like little kids in goggles.114120250They both had a blast and did really well.  Easton can swim the entire length of the pool.  Easton’s favorite thing was learning to flip underwater and jumping on the diving board.  Ty, even though he slightly resembles a jellyfish, can swim about half the length of the pool.  His favorite thing was “ducking in the deep” (diving for diving sticks).

We had some of our cousins over for a big sleepover. 
And everyday, we were out in the yard weeding, grading, raking…EVERYDAY.  And then at the end of the month, for my birthday, in the timespan of 2 hours (thanks to INCREDIBLE family and neighbors) the yard went from046this050to this052to this054TO THIS!!!!
Amazing! BEST DAY EVER!! Hooray! WooHoo! Hallelujah!
(I am pretty happy)
Side note: That area of dirt will someday be a deck.  And I am looking forward to getting some trees...But for now I will stay grateful for the grass…
A pretty great end to the month if I do say so myself.

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