Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We started off July with a Fourth celebration and a couple birthdays at Ryan and Rebecca’s house…106107an attempt at a family shot.
(please excuse my grainy pictures…my camera was having a rough night)
We did sparklers…114119Ty is still pretty leery of them.121Ace, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoys all things fire.124Ellie was just shocked and amazed.
The next night we headed to our spot on the mountain to watch the big fireworks…130136Then we had Carson’s Birthday party.258All the kids loved playing in this toy boat, especially Ellie, she played in there the whole time. 260
We took the family to Peter Pan.  It was fantastic!002
Then we celebrated Pioneer Day with some neighbors and more fireworks.  My kids were much more excited about all of this than they seem in this picture though.006
And last, but not least, even though we now have to work on getting rid of more weeds, we have all been thoroughly enjoying our lovely grass

That’s it!  I am officially all caught up! Woot!
--patting myself on the back--

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