Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Stuff

I’m just playing catch up on things we’ve been up to these days008There haven’t been too many snowy days this winter, so when they did come, you couldn’t drag the boys back inside.038Being outside is definitely better. This was their idea of playing the game Apples To Apples…not my favorite idea.

383St. Paddy’s Day. The boys woke up to a tricky leprechaun who colored on their faces while they were sleeping, and turned all our food green. We made a trap, but somehow he got away. 384385426Ellie is just as cute as ever.  She is 2 months, already 11lbs, and growing like a weed.  She is smiling like crazy and just starting to laugh.  She loves tummy time, and is very entertained by her brothers.180216274438282002photo

292And then Ty had his greatest accomplishment. The potty train was a major success! He has wanted nothing to do with any kind of potty for a long time…in fact he was just plain terrified of the potty. But one day, he told me he wanted to use the potty, he did and he has used it ever since. Easiest potty train ever.  We celebrated with a molten lava cake.  Yum.

445And then we got a new cousin!  Baby Tate Ryan.  He is so, so cute.  We did a little comparison of Tate and Ellie…That’s what happens in 2 months time.  Crazy. Congrats to Ryan and Rebecca!

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