Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was full of great food, friends and family.  Before Thanksgiving, the boys and I made a quick trip to Idaho to visit my two best college buddies, Dawn and Courtney.  We ate treats, stayed up too late, visited our old stomping grounds in the Clark Building, and were basically lazy all weekend long.  Apparently, we had way too much fun because I only took one picture the whole time.007These kids had so much fun together.

Thank you girls for a great weekend!  Thanks Courtney for letting us stay at your house.  And thanks to Courtney’s hubby, Aaron for being the babysitter of my crazy boys every night!

Time for Thanksgiving!  First round, we were off to the Casper’s.  Food was delicious.   009Raylene had some pre-Christmas gifts for everyone…the boys got flashlights to look for the Elf on the Shelf.  Best gift ever.011012014

And then, Raylene gave the couples a gift.  We all got a box of Christmas letters that are supposed to look something like this…001Real Cute.
But when I opened my box of letters, I had to wonder if Raylene was trying to tell me something…010We were all laughing, and when I snapped this picture.  Raylene said, “Oh No! You are going to blog about this, just like the Luggable Loo!”

Then it was time for round two with my family.  We went up to the Midway House with all the family.  My uncle Curtis made a deliciously moist fried turkey without burning the house down, which is a bonus.  Then just played games and chilled. 


And last, but definitely not least, round three was Saturday with my dad and family at Macaroni Grill…021

022I love Easton’s face in this one. 

We wandered around the Riverwoods for a bit.024027030

A great family Thanksgiving weekend.  So much fun.

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Lindsey said...

Oh that made me laugh, that with the letter is hilarious. That's a lot of Thanksgiving celebrations, have you recovered yet?!