Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was great for everyone this year.  We started on Christmas Eve morning with a Casper Family breakfast.  The food was delicious.  I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy losing badly beating all the boys at basketball.

Then, we all went to Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch…001It’s a little hard to get these boys to look at me for a picture003And when they do it look like this.004These guys looked, but they don’t look to happy about it.

Then it was off to my family….

For our version of the nativity story.010006008017Wrapping the babe in swaddling batman clothes.021034Glad tidings of great joy…or something like that.028037039

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” read by Grandma Leelee045

And then, we all went for a drive to look at the lights and for Santa in the sky.  When we got back, Santa had been there!048So lucky us.  We opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve.

052Yes!  Just what I wanted…Socks!066A quick story…about three days before Christmas, Easton decided he wanted a remote control car from Santa.  Well, the problem was that Santa had already gotten something else for him and Ty.  But Easton was convinced Santa was going to bring the car. (Side note: Easton has never in his life even mentioned a remote control car…ever.)  So, Santa knowing best, left a special note for Easton.  Easton was thrilled about that.  But more thrilled about what he got from Santa.065They each got a razor scooter.  Easton opened his first, and the only thing he said was, “BOOM. Scooter.”

Then Ty opened his, and in his sweet little voice said, “Boom Baby. Scooter”071Sam was loving her new perfume.077080091Trundle Bundle Super Hero PJ’s.  What could be better than that?088Sliding down the stairs in them…that’s what.095Ty his ultimate favorite thing from Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Ryan…Kitchen utensils.  Look at his face…just dreaming up all the things he can make.096097098Poor Sam is always stuck with Jesse’s action movies so we got her a 4 pack of some romantic comedies to even things out.099What could it be?101Look at that happy face!102The boys bonding over some cheese and sausage.104Christmas morning we surprised Grandma Leelee with this cute little table.  We had to be very sneaky.  Jesse and Ace went to get it at jesse’s house after she went to bed.  Then set it up (very quietly) for her to see on Christmas.

What a fabulous couple of days, spent with good food, family, and more good food.  Merry Christmas!

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