Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The "Forgots" Tradition & David Archie

The Forgotten Carols.  I love it.  I have gone nearly every year since I can remember.  When I got married, Ace got pulled right into the tradition (he makes fun of it all, but I know he loves it deep down inside).  This was an especially great year, because we got to go with the rest of my family for the first time in forever.
From furthest to closest: Chad, Jesse, Sam, Lauren, Mom, Jessica
Jessica, looking incredible

The show was fabulous, as always.  Plus, nothing gets you in the Christmas Spirit like linking arms with complete strangers.  Until next year, Michael....

Now onto the next performance...My mom somehow won tickets from the church "lottery" for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & David Archuleta Christmas Concert.  Now, for those who haven't heard, people were going crazy for these tickets, they were free tickets, but limited seats.  And...my mom won 4 tickets.  So, my mom, Jessica, Me, and Ace headed up to see the show.  We were just excited to be able to go, but then we got there and were shocked to find our seats were located in the third row from the front. 
Can't really beat that.
But then, in walks President Monson, and some of the apostles right in front of us...
Yep. That blob would be Elder Holland waving to us.  Ace said they locked eyes for a second :)
And...I love the way Jessica just popped her head right in that shot.
The night was marvelous.  The choir and little David did great.  (side note: my mom is totally obsessed--in a very non-creepy way--with David Archuleta)

Another fun part of the night...They narrated the story of John Parry, the man who started the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The cool part, John Parry happens to be my Great, Great, Great Grandpa.  My Grandpa John has told my family and I that story all our lives.  It was so neat to hear it told like that.

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Melissa said...

I LOVE the Forgotten Carols. I drug Patrick to it a few years ago when we still lived up in UT, and he went reluctantly, but ended up really liking it! Such a fun weekend for you guys!!!