Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Camping and Family

This weekend was super fun/tiring/crazy.  We headed up to Camp Stimson for some ward camp out bonding time.  Super yummy food and great company.  Only problem is I am pretty sure our ward has been cursed with some kind of evil wind curse.  Because every year on our Ward Camp Out as soon as everyone gets into the tents and starts to fall asleep for the night it like a stinkin' tornado plants itself down on top of the camp site and attacks the entire night.  It literally sounds like a train is coming down the canyon and is going to smash you to bits....over and over. All. Night. Long.  The kids slept like rocks.  But no body else got any sleep.  So other than the night time the camp out was a huge success!  Thanks to Melissa & Patrick who didn't get relax at all while they planned, served, and made everyone else happy!  You guys were awesome!  Easton and Ty had a blast playing with all the kids, and successfully managed to cover every nook and cranny of themselves in filth (I would expect nothing less).

 Ty loved this little bridge.  He would walk across, look at the stream, and walk to the other side over and over again.

Finding some ladybugs...

Sister Smith was the genius who brought glow sticks for all the kidlets.  We could watch them glowing off in the distance...
Easton's favorite part was playing in the stream until he was so wet and cold he couldn't take it anymore.

Ty's favorite part had to be this stump.  As we were cleaning up getting ready to leave he just sat on the stump, kicking his feet, watching us the whole time.

About 5.2 seconds after getting into the car and heading home, the boys were out.  So tired.

Right as we got home, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Rebecca, and little Carson showed up.  They had been in St.George for the weekend and came down to spend the day with us.  We let the kids play, went to dinner, put the kids to bed, and then played a little Super Mario Bro Wii.  I have to say, I have never seen a more spectacular Mario Bro player than Ryan...I mean, truly a sight to see. :)
I must have been completely delusional and sleep deprived from the night before and the "Wind Curse" previously mentioned, because I did not take a single picture while Ryan & Rebecca were here...lame.  But they did come and we had a real great time.

So a fun weekend.  The best part might have been going to bed in my own bed Saturday night (with no wind)...I am pretty sure I haven't slept that good since sleeping with the pain medication they gave after giving birth.

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Melissa said...

Holy cow... that was such a crazy camp out! I have never been so tired!!! We came home and showered and did NOTHING else the rest of the night. I think we were passed out in bed by 8:45 pm!! I'm glad it was fun for everyone else... not so much for us, but we tried really hard to make it good for every one. At least we succeeded at something! :) Thanks so much for dealing with my screaming child on Saturday. It was such a help! Oh and thanks for coming to our rescue and helping us haul stuff up there.