Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here We Are, {Mostly} Moved In

We have made it into the new house, and here is a giant little Sum Up of what has been happening:

The move went as good as it could go in 115 degree weather.  We had some Awesome, Awesome guys volunteer their muscles...Thank you again to everyone who helped!  Our other house was officially closed on June 24 (yay).
Parts of the house still look somewhat like this:
And this:
But, the Kitchen, Front Room, Family Room, Garage, and Bedrooms are put together.  So things are coming along, slowly, but surely.
Ty mastered the stairs the first day we moved in...
Coming from a one-story house, he was pretty proud of himself.

The boys have spent a large amount of their time coloring while I unpack.

My birthday just happened to be (very inconveniently, I might add) the day after the "big" moving day.  The plan was going to be to take the day off from moving and go out to eat and celebrate.  But instead, Ace spent the day in a quick care...
He got cut at work and had to go get a Tetanus Shot.  Once he got there, and they saw the cut, he ended up getting SIX stitches in his PINKY Finger.  By the time he got home, he was so exhausted, and was still planning on taking us to dinner.  I said, No Way. And that we could just celebrate next weekend.  Which we did...
A little Olive Garden and a delicious custom Cold Stone Cake made us all happy.

This last weekend we also made a failed attempt to set up the pool.  As we were setting it up, we realized it had a hole. Bummer.  So we tried to patch the hole.  Didn't work. Bummer.  We went to the store to buy a new one.  Every store was all out of any kind of pool.  Bummer. Bummer.

But it didn't get the boys down...they enjoyed it just as much even if it was only 2 inches deep.

We are happy to be moved in and loving the extra, extra space.  Although, I (unlike Ty), have not gotten used to climbing stairs 10,000 times a day :)

**In other news, Ty is scheduled to get the stints out of his eyes on Thursday.  Tomorrow, we are going to see the eye doctor to make sure that his eyes look ready and then we will be set for Thursday.  It's going to be another day of no food for Ty and Needles and Anesthesia and just Yuck.  But it is going to be a fast surgery and really simple, and hopefully, the last one...hip hip hooray.** 


Unguren said...

First of all Happy Birthday.

Second, I totally know how you feel about moving in the heat of summer. Been there and glad it is over.

Third, aren't you so glad that your house has closed? When ours did it was like a giant weight had been lifted.

Brianne said...

So you're still down in Vegas right??! are you loving your new place?! you'll have to tell us more about it! Happy Birthday and I hope Ace's finger is feeling better!! I will be sad when we have to move just cause the kids have lived in our same house their whole lives too! I know how you feel. Hope you're loving your new place!

The Casper's said...

Hannah- Yes! Closing on our house was the best feeling ever. Such a good thing, we are definitely breathing better these days.
Brianne- Yep. Still in Vegas. We are loving the space we have in the new house, but this move is only kept us in the same ward and was a good deal...but unfortunately it means there is another move in our near future--we are just hoping next time it is a move to Utah :)