Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities 2010

We had a nice, low-key, relaxing 4th of July.
We did some fireworks...
 Ty liked them.
And Easton looked like this the entire time...
 At church that day, Easton gave his first talk in Primary.  He was so excited to give his talk all week long.  I  heard him lecturing Ty on parts of his talk that he could remember.  And he did a super good job giving it in Primary.  He spoke nice and clear, and {maybe a little too} loudly. 
Way to go Easton!
And then after church, we chatted, played, and had some yummy food at the Smith's house.
Except for the ridiculousness of the heat...A good, good day.

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Melissa said...

I'm glad he was so excited about his talk. Thanks for doing that for me! :)
Glad the move is over and done with. We moved in July too, and that is NOT my idea of fun. Way too hot to do any kind of physical labor!