Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Walk with the Dinosaurs

A few weeks back, we went to "Walking with Dinosaurs". It's a live show that has life-size robot dinosaurs walking around and doing dinosaur stuff. Easton is completely obsessed with all dinosaurs, so when I heard about this show I knew we had to go. It was a perfect day for Easton...stuffing his face with pounds of popcorn while watching dinosaurs roar and fight...what could be better?
That guy was out with the dinosaurs talking about them. You can kind of see how small he is compared to the dinos.
And of course, he had to stay out of the T-Rex's way. (which Easton thought was hysterical by the way)

It was a fun family night. I was a little nervous it would freak Ty out, but he loved it just as much as Easton. Easton still talks about the dinosaurs, but now he is convinced that a dinosaur could show up anywhere.  I tried to explain that the dinos are all gone, but he just got upset.  So I just let him continue believing they are alive and well...but now he has been telling me that they are living inside the walls of our house, and anytime there is a weird house noise he says, "here comes the Stegosaurus!  Watch Out!"  


Kati said...

We were going to take the boys to that, but ended up not doing it, I'm not sure why. Looks like it was fun though.

Unguren said...

You should let Easton know that running away from T Rex is no laughing matter. :)

Courtney Alldredge said...

So fun! Lisa, you are looking so good! Dawn is finally ready to take a trip to Vegas so I told her to look for cheap tickets so we may be coming to see you soon!!

thecustercrew said...

That looks like so much fun. Sounds like your boys loved it.