Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is That Your Natural Color?

A few weeks ago, Ty was sick.  Like puking his guts out sick.  After a few days of dealing with it, I took him to the Doctor.  The Dr. went through the regular check up and questions and then we had this conversation...

Dr: "It looks like it is just a virus, and we have to let it take it's course....I do have one concern though... 
Is that, uh, his natural coloring?"

Me: "What, you mean his unnatural, florescent white, glow? Yup, that's his color."

{lots of laughing happening}

Dr: "Okay, because normally we'd consider that pale, and be worried about dehydration, but if that's his normal color we won't worry about it."

So in conclusion, Ty is white.  Unnaturally white. 
But oh so cute!


Kati said...

That's funny! I've never heard a dr. say that before. He is cute though.

Unguren said...

I understand your pain. Someone asked once if Gavin and Laney were albino.

Lindsey said...

Too funny- nothing wrong with being a little white!! As long as he doesn't become transparent and you can't see him.