Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ty is 1 !!

Ty has officially been 1 year old for a week. It is still so strange that it happened so fast. Here he is just 1 day old...

His naked baby photo

A glimpse of the swaddle and the bed that he loved so, so much

This one shows the hair issues

Some 1st birthday celebrations...

This is what chocolate does to a person

Easton was happy too

The morning of his birthday we had a special breakfast...
Ty got his first taste of "Whippee"
And liked it
Look at Ty's jealous face in these two pictures


And the sad news... we had our friends, Blake and Erin and their kids, Aiden and Hannah over for some cake and ice cream the next day to celebrate. I took some super cute pictures of everybody and then...I deleted them. Yep they're gone and I am to blame. I was sorting through some other pictures I took and accidentally deleted them.
I am so sad.

Some things about Ty:

-He weighs 19 lbs (10th percentile)
-He is skinny, but it is hard to tell because of his ridiculously chubby cheeks
-His length is 31.5" (75-90th percentile)
-He is very sensitive/dramatic...his feelings get hurt when you tell him "no", he lays his head down and pouts when he is sad
-He is still extremely flexible. He he throws his dramatic fits he bends himself in half to lay his head on the floor
-He loves his big brother and follows him around the house all day long
-He is a Mama's Boy big time. And I am not just saying that...every time I walk into the room he immediately starts pouting and chases after me... a lot of the time I have to sneak from room to room so he doesn't see me to get stuff done (mean, I know)
-He loves to cuddle. At any time of the day I can pick him up, give him a blanket and he will just lay his head down and cuddle.
-Every time he wakes up he gives me a hug (including patting me on the back)
-His first word was 'Thank you' strange
-If you burp in front of him he will mimic it
-He has three and a half teeth
-He still loves his "waffle blankets" and prefers to sleep with two blankets at a time
-He still has a huge head
-He refuses (and always has refused) to have anything to do with baby a matter of fact...he refuses to eat anything off of a spoon. But if I put it in front of him to eat by himself he will eat anything and won't stop
-Although he won't let me feed him, he is a clean eater...I mean WAY cleaner than his almost 4 year old brother is. Easton still manages to get anything in his reach as sticky as possible while eating, but Ty keeps the mess to a minimum...which makes me happy
- He has been a hugely expensive baby
-The last few weeks, his hair has been sort of flatter than normal...on the top anyway. Now he has this thing that can only be described as "peacock like" it starts at the back/top part of his head...just weird
-He freaks out every time we get into an elevator...he buries his head in my shoulder after the doors close and starts sad and yet slightly hysterical every time

p.s the surgery is scheduled for Tuesday...we'll see if it happens this time...

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Courtney Alldredge said...

Happy Happy Birthdy!! I can't believe he is one!! Hope he and you had lots of fun. Hey did I tell you Tay is in preschool right now at the college? It is nice to have a few strings to pull... I totally missed the cut off date to get her in, I was so late in fact that I went in the day after the acceptance letters went out and asked if there was any way she could get in. Sis Robertson and Suanne bumped her to the top of the waiting list and she is loving it!