Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surgery Day

The surgery happened, and all is well. Except poor little Ty is VERY swollen, and VERY mad at the arm restraints. And I learned that it is impossible to keep an ice pack on a 1 year old's face for more than 1.5 seconds.

I thought I would start out with a before picture, as interpreted by Easton...
A few days ago Easton drew this picture of Ty... He came up to me and said, "This is Ty, and this (pointing to the lines coming down from Ty's eyes) is the goop in Ty's eyes and it makes him so sad. And he has a frowny face."

We got to the hospital in the early morn, Ty got dressed in his purple pj's he was nervous about the nurses

But they let him play with some toys so he was happy

Just chillin' with daddy

Giving us the 'thumbs up' right before

The surgery took about an hour. The doctor couldn't get the 'stints' down through his eyes on either side because his tear ducts were obstructed, so he has two little incisions on each side of his nose...

Thus, the cotton balls taped across his face

Because of the incisions, he can't touch his face which requires "no-no's" in other words, big large cast-type things that don't allow any arm bending....cruel

The cotton ball bandages were supposed to stay on for 2 days....
That didn't happen...even with the arm restraints he managed to rip them off.

Iceing the eyes...he finally fell asleep, so I was able to put the ice pack on for about 15 minutes... Then he woke up and totally freaked out because he couldn't see, which caused his unbend-able arms to start flailing around, which then caused him to not let the ice pack anywhere near him ever again...and me to have small bruises everywhere...stupid "no-no's".

He was happy and playing all night until I tried to put him to bed. Last night did not go well. He couldn't get comfortable and it was a loooooong night. He is still having trouble breathing because of the stints in his nose, and so he has a hard time eating. But he is happy now, just swollen. Really swollen. These pictures don't do it justice.
(For anyone that remembers the sunburn I got years ago...he looks a lot like that.)

We are happy everything went well, and that he is happy. If this works it means we only have one more surgery ahead of us....yay!


Lindsey said...

So glad he came through all right- that's so sad he has to wear those things on his arms though, that's like torture. Glad to see you made it through all right too.

Unguren said...

So sad. And those arm so sad.

Kati said...

I'm glad everything went well. That totally sucks that he has to wear those things on his arms, that's so mean to do to a kid...not by you, of course. Hopefully this will fix things.

Ginay said...

I am glad it went well, and I second that those arm things are brutal...and horrible for you and Ty. I can't belive Ty is 1 already...and Sophie is almost there. I really don't think that it is ok for them to grow up so fast, it makes me sad! Hey I am going to put in an order towards the end of the month, and there are some good deals. I can send you a sale flier e-mail if you want to look at it. Let me know!

Lara said...

Lisa, I am glad that things went well, but feel so bad for little Ty. If you need anything please let me know!

Courtney Alldredge said...

I am so sorry that he and you guys have to do that. No parent should have to see their child go into surgery or after they come out. It is so sad and they are so miserable and there isn't much you can do. So glad it went well though and only one more to go.. one more too many, but it will be worth it after it's all over.