Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who's Who?

So I know that Ty looks a lot like Easton did when he was a baby. Lately I've been going through some of Easton's pictures and thought I would see how much they actually look alike! Here are some you see the resemblance?

They both have/had very sweet personalities. Easton and Ty so far have been fairly easy babies. They have both started sleeping through the night very early on and only cry when they are hungry. Believe it or not (for the people who see Easton on a regular basis) Easton was a very content baby and so is Ty. I was a little afraid to have our second baby because I was afraid that I got spoiled with Easton and I was going to get it 10 fold with Ty, but he has been great as well (which means the third child might be insane :) ). Although the boys do look alike and have the same temperament, there are some differences.

Easton was a spitter-upper! EVERY time he ate he spit up. Ty doesn't spit up--this took us a while to get used to because although he doesn't spit up his burps sound like it is going to be 'bad' and we were so used to it with Easton Ace and I would both panic every time Ty burps! We are getting better though!

Ty doesn't prefer to be in the car, while Easton loved it.

Ty doesn't really cry, it sounds like he is having a pity party for himself just whimpering. Easton didn't really ever cry but when he did he CRIED!

Easton had a problem with peeing on us EVERY time we changed his diaper. Ty has only done it once or twice! Hooray!

Ty likes to be cuddled or just near someone, Easton preferred to be on the floor stretching and playing.

Easton HATED the little vibrating function on his bed and bouncer, he would rather just sit there the vibrating bugged him. Ty LOVES it!

And my favorite...Easton has a small birthmark on the back of his left arm, and Ty has a birthmark on his left butt cheek!!

In case you couldn't tell... #'s 1, 4, 7, 6 are Ty and #'s 3, 2, 5, 8 are Easton

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