Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easton the Artist...

For a long time now, Easton has been really into drawing. He prefers a pen (heaven forbid I offer him a crayon)! Back before Halloween Easton colored his first thing (a sun) closely resembling what it actually would look like and told me what it was. Then he started to draw people, which is so fun to see the details they notice. But now we are way past that and onto animals. Particularly dinosaurs and octopuses (I'm not sure if that is correct plural for octopus). Anyway he drew this page during conference-- the top two are dinosaurs ( the one on the right was explained to me as "the dark dinosaur", the little squiggles in the middle are snakes. The one on the bottom left is the "daddy dinosaur" and the bottom left is an octopus. I find it very random that he thinks to put a dinosaur and a octopus together, but I love that he learning so much and I get to watch him pick up these fun skills!!

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