Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year To Me!

This is what I got New Years Day...
If anyone knows Ace you know how long it takes for him to purchase something big. I have wanted a Honda Odyssey forever...well at least for the last year. First, I had to convince him that even though a mini van wasn't the best looking vehicle on the streets, nothing can compare to its automatic doors, the deep trunk, and the many other conveniences of them (which I can argue about at any given time). We have been to every dealership in the city of Las Vegas and online, researching prices on the different kinds of mini vans (we looked at ALL of them) all the while I already knew I wanted a Honda Odyssey. So when New Years Day came around and Ace started talking about going around to dealerships I just thought it would be another day seeing how low they would go on a price and then going home and budgeting it...like always. But instead, they offered the lowest price we had ever heard since we started looking (which was a long time if you don't remember from my story) and Ace shook the salesman's hand and I almost fell out of my chair! I still can't believe it actually happened! Hooray!

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