Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First day of Nursery...Yippe!...I think...

Sunday was Easton's first day of Nursery! I have been counting down the days since he was six months old! I couldn't wait! Let's just say Easton is a child full of energy, and usually halfway through sacrament meeting I am thinking "hasn't it been three hours yet..." So you could imagine my excitement on Sunday! Then as soon as we drop him off I get this sudden surge of nervousnes "wait...those people in their know nothing about him...they don't know how to take care of him" I begin to have a panic attack! I stood looking through the peep hole for about five minutes making sure he was okay...by the way he was fine--just sitting there playing with some puzzles, never even noticed that we left! Ace finally dragged me to Sunday School and proceeded to hold me down so that I couldn't go check on him! After Sunday School I ran to check through the peep hole again to see him happy as can be playing with his toys! I finally think, "okay he is fine...I can relax now!" So I go to Relief Society a little calmer than before, although everytime the door opened I would whip my head around to see if it was a nursery leader with Easton! But that never happened! After church was over I calmly walked over to get him and to my dismay--he had tears chalked down his face and a nursery leader was holding him! As soon as he saw me he burst into tears again as if to say, "where have you been I can't take this anymore" The nursery leader then told me that he had been upset for the last half hour of the time! I could't believe that I had finally calmed down about the whole thing and that is when he decided to freak out about it! I still think that it was harder on me than on him though!! Well anyway one of the nursery leaders did say that he did really well for his first time in there. We will see what happens next time! I took these pictures Sunday morning, click on this photo to see more!
First Day of Nursery!!

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