Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of School and Memorial Day Weekend

Easton had his last day of preschool on Thursday.
I'm not sure he truly understands that he won't be seeing his teacher or friends from school again, but he was still thrilled to make Mrs. Bailey a nice card to go with her gift. 
Easton and Mrs. Bailey
Easton has loved his preschool.  But we drive past his future kindergarten everyday, and he can't stop himself from announcing he will be going to the "big kid" school in September.  

Right after school, we all headed up to Park City for the weekend.  My dad got us another great room at the Canyons Resort.  This one had 4 master suite bedrooms, kitchen, and living room.  It was pretty great.
First, we did a little outlet shopping...
The boys were happy with their super hero hat find.
The hotel left us a basket of goodies.  One of which, was a volcano toy.  You pour water on it, it erupts, then dissolves, and hidden inside is a mini dinosaur which grows into a bigger mini dinosaur 72 hours later.
You can tell by Ty's facial expression.
 We had some great food

Of course, we did a lot of relaxing/movie watching...
The boys enjoyed their first jetted bubble bath
Saturday, my family came up for the rest of the weekend.
Easton and Uncle Jesse checking out the view
Which obviously ended in some teasing.
Another of Jesse just treating his girlfriend with the greatest repect....A walking massage

It was a real great family weekend.  Thanks, Dad for getting us such a great room!  So fun!

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