Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Did That Happen?

The other day I was sitting at the computer, and Ty was playing on the floor next to me. A few minutes later I hear him fussing a bit, so I look down, and find him like this...
Now, here's the thing... Ty doesn't have the smallest head in the world...in fact, it is quite large and most of Easton's old clothes have a hard time fitting over his head. It's okay though, I think Ty's big head is awfully cute, but please explain to me how he got his head under that bar?!

On a side note, this is Ty's new friend, Hannah. Hannah is a little older than Ty and likes to tease him, but look at that little boys grin... I'm not sure it bothers him!


Blauers said...

Really, how does he do that? That's crazy!

Unguren said...

I am going to guess that he scooted backwards and not forwards.