Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wanna S'more?

So figuring out costumes while pregnant is a difficult task. Ace suggested I be a marshmallow so I made him be a graham cracker and Easton a Hershey bar...together...a S'more!

We had a fun October... our ward Trunk or Treat was a couple of weeks ago, then Ace and I got invited to a couples Halloween Party last weekend, and then we had Halloween night. Grandma Raylene, Grandpa Larry, and Uncle Brad came into town for the festivities which was a whole lot of fun--Easton liked it because he got more candy then he would have ever been allowed without so many people there!
Here is Easton's Hershey bar costume. By the time it was actually time for him to wear it, he had had to try it on so many times while I was making it he got a bit sick of it! so it took a little convincing , but now he loves it and tells everybody "I'm a chocolate bar!"

We also carved a pumpkin. Easton was so excited about it but when the top of the pumpkin came off he was absolutely terrified to put his hand in the pulp! Once he did he really enjoyed it though...sort of
(yes that is a fake tattoo on his arm he says "I got a tat!" and shows off his arm to everybody)
Look at those mad faces!
And the finished product!!!

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